July 12, 2011

Boconcept Wool Carpet & Coffee Table

Finally! The 100% wool carpet from Boconcept has arrived together with the coffee table! We ordered it shortly after confirming the order for the coffee table. Was told that it would take 2 months to arrive but it only took half the time. The carpet is fully handtufted in India. I love the gradient pixelated design and the warm soft feel of the carpet while lounging on my sofa. At the moment, the  carpet is shedding a lot now and should taper off.

Here's a pic of my living room with the carpet and the functional coffee table. The installers took a good 1 hour to fully assemble the coffee table. Smooth opening/closing movements from all table compartments. 

The children organized all their VCDs and DVDs under the grey glass compartment which has a soft closing mechanism. As for the other 2, it's a very good height for me to put my mug. Loving my purchases from Boconcept.... oh they are having a store wide sale now. Too bad I bought my stuff earlier.

June 06, 2011

Feature Wall

This was how my feature wall looked like before the 'transformation'. Thanks to my ID who made the mistake of placing the feature wall in a position where the 'fish scales' design of the divider wall is partially blocked by the shelves behind.

Figured out a way to beautify the wall by adding GlassKote. Called up the sales rep : Kenneth Tang and he came over to look. No prob. Can be done. A few days later I received some color samples by courier.  Decided on Metallic Bright Silver. Then I received an email with the invoice attached. The site measurement was done a few days later and deposit paid. In about one week's time, the tempered glass was ready for installation.

Installation time took less than an hour. The glue takes about 24 hours to completely dry. I feel that the feature wall looks much better and more classy now!

May 30, 2011

Functional Coffee Table

We finally purchased the Bonaldo Pebble Coffee Table but after bringing it home, it appears to be a bit small..... so we decided to use it as a side table instead and purchase the functional coffee table with storage from Boconcept...... which is not very much bigger but it's more rectangular-ish instead of square-ish like the Pebble:

 Bonaldo's Pebble Coffee Table or Side Table (can be used outdoors!)

 Boconcept's Functional Coffee Table with Storage

The functional coffee table with storage can be customised. Choose between white/brown/black. As for the legs, choose between a few types : brushed stainless steel (matte effect) individual legs or something like what we chose above: chrome legs (somewhat cheaper and matches the sofa's legs). 2 of the table's compartments can be lifted up and stay that way (see above pic) and there's another compartment with tempered glass which can just be lifted up  to reveal more storage space below. We chose a gray glass for that instead of white as shown in the pic above. Hopefully will look nice!
RM2995 + RM250 for delivery and assembly. 8 weeks to put together the order.

May 19, 2011

Glass Mosaic Tiles Backsplash

I managed to 'recruit' an Indon guy who was working on my neighbour's condo unit to come over and install some glass mosaic tiles for me. The job was completed in about 2 hours. I supplied the tiles and 1 packet of while cement, all purchased from Houz Depot. I bought 12 pieces of the tiles - some extra just in case of any breakage and also to keep as spare for replacement in future.

Here's how it looks like from far. My yard area has a kitchen countertop but no backsplash. Since my MIL loves cooking here, no choice but to get a backsplash. Prior to this, I used aluminium cardboard to contain the grease and all.

Firstly, the guy used a hammer to roughen up the surface of the wall, Then he measured the tiles according to the space. Then mix the cement and lay the tiles. He also used a sponge to level the cement along the grout lines. Even then there are a few air bubbles trapped there. He also removed the plug point cover to ensure a nice seam. Overall, good job done.